All You Can Eat – Never A Good Idea!



Just back from an “all you can eat” dinner at Hi Sushi Salsa in Camden. When it comes to buffets and “all you can eat” places, I am a seriously cheap date. After a plate and a half I am full to the gills – my mum calls it having “eyes bigger than your belly”. At the moment the ratio of eyes to belly is still in my favour, but after a few more of these “all you can eat” dinners and it may not be. Hi Sushi Salsa does “all you can eat” the way it should be done – made to order. Unlike some buffet restaurants where all you get is some greasy stir fry and unidentifiable deep fried scrapings (plus you have to fight other patrons for the best bits), Hi Sushi lets you choose from a menu with various tempura, teriyaki, noodle, sashimi and sushi dishes. You can choose 7 hot dishes, 1 noodle or ramen dish and six sushi dishes. The sushi is repeatable, meaning you can order seconds or even thirds. Regretfully, we ordered a second (more out of a sense of getting your money’s worth than actual hunger). As they were closing soon, we were given a sushi board with twice as much as the previous one had; presumably to dissuade us from ordering a third. I felt so bad, it was so beautifully prepared and delicious and I couldn’t face eating another bite. We were also drowning in green tea, after about a dozen refills. We forced down another five pieces each – to be polite of course. C had ordered the sake, a first for him – so of course he decided to order the large! The look on his face after he tasted it was enough to make me feel sorry enough for him, that I didn’t insist he drink the whole thing. I would have liked to have capped off the meal with a green tea ice cream, served in a martini glass but we were both too ill to attempt it. I staggered out, unable to even button up my coat. Is that a sign of a good meal or sheer gluttony?




Why so many pictures of the same thing, because it looks so pretty – am a total sushi pornographer!


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