Totally not what I ordered!

I am so tired of getting food that is so far from what I wanted and having to eat it anyway out of politeness. Yesterday was such an example, at one of the Mexican stands in Camden Loch. All I wanted was a tortilla with salad and sour cream, maybe a hint of guacamole. What did I get- this mess of a “vegetarian” burrito. Not only was it not what I wanted, it was sloppy, full of jalapeños and stone cold! The man operating the stand just would not listen to me and handed me the standard vegetarian crap. Once again, punished for not eating meat. At least it was full of relatively edible butter beans and chickpeas, but still cold and not what I ordered. Grumble, grumble.


Seriously, would you eat this?


1 Response to “Totally not what I ordered!”

  1. January 6, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    You know, I’ve always wanted to try one of the Mexican stands in Camden…but now maybe not! Re: your question about sushi in London–check my blog in a bit and I’ll post a reply comment.

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