Something about customer service

Having worked in various customer service jobs for years, you get to hear some really stupid sh!t from people –

In my job at Tie Rack I got some of the following questions..

“Do you sell ties here?”

Me, standing in the middle of shop surrounded by ties, “Eh…yes”

“Is that tie for sale?”

Me “No it’s part of my private collection, this isn’t a shop, it’s an art gallery”

On the phone “Do you sell the Harry Potter toys”

Me, thinking I misheard him, “Yes we sell novelty Harry Potter ties”

“No, toys, like the broom and stuff”

Me, “No sir, this is Tie Rack not Toy Rack”

What amazed me was that he must have looked it up in the phone book to get the number, or else someone in operator service was having a really bad day.

Anyway, I know every sales assistant deals with stupid customers so I was amused to see the following on the overheard in London site from one such customer. Admitting you have a problem is always the first step…

  Is there more than one kind of drink?
  Being in London and in a Pub, both for the first time. Therefore we (Joanna and I) had no idea that no waiter would come and ask for our orders. After a little while (not more than half an hour, I am sure)we noticed that other people walked to the counter and ordered their drinks. So I decided to do the same.
“Two half pints, please.”
“Two half pints of WHAT, my dear?”
“Of beer!”
He just shook his head wearily and waved his hand towards rows and rows of Lager, Guinness, Pilsner and so on.
We were ashamed then but after several half pints of Pilsner for Joanna and Guinness for me we laughed as happily as all the other guests in the Pub.

This sort of thing used to happen to me all the time in the states, I would ask a customer what they wanted to drink and invariably they’d reply “oh I’ll have a soda”, Yes dear, but which one!!! I don’t even think it was a cultural thing that I just wasn’t getting and soda meant coke, because every time I asked them to elaborate they always ordered something different.


1 Response to “Something about customer service”

  1. January 18, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Ah, customers. What is it about being on that side of the counter? I strive to not be that person. 😉

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