A bit of a non starter

Due to the inhospitable nature of our kitchen tonight, we headed out for dinner. Despite my heavy hints about going to the sushi bar, we went to a burger place instead. Haché (pronounced ashay) in Camden, is one of those new self proclaimed ‘gourmet burger’ bars. Although to me, it seemed more of a restaurant than any kind of a burger bar. It has soft lighting, lovely wooden floors, large mirrors and fairy lights dotted around. Very romantic, very un-Mc Donaldsy.

One downside of this place for me is that they don’t do starters. They have a full menu of  steak, lamb, veggie, and fish burgers but no starters. On the upside, they do a yummy veggie tempura – I ordered it – they came back to tell me they were out of it – Pooh!

While I can’t comment on the burger, I can say my tuna nicoise salad was delightful and the tempura-esque onion rings were fab.

 Steak Canadian Burger with cured bacon and Mature Cheddar

1 Response to “A bit of a non starter”

  1. 1 C
    January 18, 2008 at 1:07 am

    Phist, I couldn’t even remember where this place was let alone suggest it.

    The burger was top notch though, definitely be going back. 🙂

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