Not a lotta cupcakes

I love cupcakes, yes I do! Cupcakes, whilst plentiful and abundant in the states, are really just coming into their own here in the UK. Since moving here we have come across a few select bakeries which stock the deliciously buttercreamed delights. Otherwise you might spot a few stragglers in supermarkets, but nothing as fabulous as some of the cake blogs out there. In Ireland there isn’t a hope of catching a cupcake, they are still called fairycakes and you might get one at a child’s birthday party smushed with a bit of cream or jam – or even the dreaded sugary water icing -bleagh!!


One place in Camden that I know which stocks cupcakes is Fresh and Wild, the organic-style supermarket. So to satisfy a craving, we picked up some vanilla with chocolate and lemon cupcakes, made with polenta. Very tasty but could be a damn sight prettier!!!



I’m actually considering baking my own cupcakes and buttercreaming them myself, inspired by these beautiful creations. Though I am a bit apprehensive, while I love to cook, I haven’t baked since I was in school – cupcakes are easy right??


1 Response to “Not a lotta cupcakes”

  1. February 4, 2008 at 7:23 am

    Thanks for stopping by the blog – I’m glad you commented so I was able to find your lovely site!

    I can so totally agree! The cupcake situation in Ireland is depressing to say the least! 😉 I am making a big batch for my daughters birthday party on Saturday. Kids won’t know what hit them!

    Are you American then and living in Ireland? Trying to figure it out! Will add you to the blogroll! Take care!

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