a bad month of blogging


Eater’s Regret has been on somewhat of a hiatus the past few weeks, for a couple of reasons. One, my laptop, (which I liberated from a former employer who refused to pay me my wages…ever), died a horrible, but somewhat expected death. I was forced to order a new one from my other previous employer, Dell, and boy did it take a long time to get here. Too freaking long! After the inital, major Internet withdrawal symptoms, I went pretty much cold turkey and haven’t really missed it that much.

The second, far more nasty reason – food poisoning! How ironic I know, a food blogger with food poisoning. I took a trip home to Cork to see my family, before I started my very new, exciting job and was laid up for days with gut wrenching sickness. I had to fly home, sick as a dog, enduring screaming children and mid air turbulance. Let us also not forget, when I was away, Camden, my London home, suffered a horrendous fire. So after the train, the plane and the other train, our taxi from the station could only drop us part of the way home. The rest we walked, a day I shan’t forget quickly.

The result of the food poisnoning means that I ate practically nothing for a week, the concept of dining out is only coming back to me now. But it is back with a vengeance!


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