No added sugar

I have mentioned before that I have a real aversion to adding seasoning to food, I hate the taste of salt and pepper and cannot comprehend adding sugar to tea or coffee. Although I do love ketchup and mayo, I am the condiment queen!

The other morning I bought some porridge from the Marks and Spencer’s breakfast counter, but declined to add fruit compote or honey to it, as the staff really add too much. Instead I reluctantly picked up two brown sugar sachets. The porridge was really well made, but as bland as porridge tends to be. So I added a little sugar and it instantly perked up the taste, so I added a little more and a little more, really delicious. But I felt so guilty. How ridiculous, she who has no problem swigging fizzy drinks and gorging on chocolate, feels guilty about adding a sachet of sugar to porridge. I’m not sure what it is, but I just have such a guilt complex about adding sugar to anything, cereal, coffee etc. Perhaps it is knowing that my already sugar fuelled lifestyle, doesn’t need any more sweetening. The annoying thing was it did taste better with the sugar, so maybe I am a little bit closer to understanding why people add pepper to food, but salt…never! I once saw a girl adding salt, a lot of salt, to a pizza…why, why would you do that? Gag!


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