One of my favourite things

I’ve said before that one of my favourite things about London are the markets, so happily we’ve moved from the raucous alternativism of Camden Market to the sometimes overpriced, but always tempting Borough Food Market.

Though I have fond memories of Belgian chocolate crepes and spinach and feta filo pastries from Dublin’s Temple Bar Food Market, Borough is unparalleled when it comes to variety and choice of foods. C has eaten his way around the bratwurst, burger and giant sausage stalls and I have haunted the Aussie cake stall, Italians and olive places.

The only downside is that it is so packed all the time, with tourists clogging up all the streets and queues for all the food stalls. There’s no quick pop in and out action, you will be there for at least an hour, tasting, queueing and just aimlessly wandering.

There is also of course the pointless, poseur purchases such as C’s need to buy eco-friendly wine, which is wine in a recyclable bottle that comes straight from the barrel. Insert eye roll here !

Borough is the ultimate destination for London foodies and today we picked up some incredible basil hummus and fresh pesto sauce. I wavered over some cheese and instead picked some fabulous nectarines and Santini tomatoes at way cheaper than supermarket prices.


1 Response to “One of my favourite things”

  1. December 5, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    I totally agree Borough Market is absolutely great but so overcrowded. I still love to go there and eat my way around. it’s a must for any lovers of food

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