Why it pays to be vegetarian

I was absolutely horrified yesterday to read about this recall of pork products in Ireland. Apparently they are recalling and ordering  anything sold since September be destroyed because of  the discovery of dioxin PCB, which can have serious health effects and cause cancer after long term consumption. This pork scare has been caused by contaminated feed given to the animals in 47 farms nationwide,  just like the BSE epidemic.  Some people in Ireland would have a massive fry up every day and certainly must be hugely worried about this blanket recall.


With a lot of  money and effort  spent on traceability, it is shocking that the government is putting so much fear out there, when they could just be recalling meat from those specific 47 farms affected. I don’t usually preach about my food choices, but having been a  vegetarian for the last 12 years, I feel that this lifestyle is definitely not only the safe choice, but humane, healthier and cheaper too.


For all meat eaters that are sick of having to worry about what they eat and where it comes from, think about going vegetarian for your health and for the sake of the animals.  Get some great tips on vegetarianism and information on cruel farming practices here Vegetarian Starter Kit


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