Jingoistic Sandwiches – It’s not just a recession, it’s a Marks and Spencer’s recession.


Nation’s Favourites eh? Meet Marks and Spencer’s new range of patriotic sandwiches and salads, all adorned with a nice Union Jackish packaging. Would imagine they will not be available in Ireland, unless someone in M&S’s merchandising department totally bollixes up. The range has ham and cheese, Ploughman’s, cheese and pickle, corned beef — all nice good old-fashioned British food. That’s right, support good old Blighty! In this ‘current economic climate’, Marks are clearly pushing the protectionist angle, hoping customers will support the poor local shopkeepers instead of going to the Italian caf down the road or worse, McDonald’s.

My verdict: Bleagh… a little too post-war rationing for me. The thick white bread is a bit stodgy, but filling, lots of energy to fight off the Jerrys.. wot wot! And at 455 calories, 11 grams of sat fat? What is it spread with lard, dripping? Definitely classic British tucker – heart attack slapped between a white pan. At £1.30 though, the price really cannot be beat. Next time the credit crunch is really biting, try something from the Nation’s Favourites range and remember a time when life was simpler, when Britain was still triumphant and no-one even knew what a f**king panini was!


2 Responses to “Jingoistic Sandwiches – It’s not just a recession, it’s a Marks and Spencer’s recession.”

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