Have you been Snogged?


A sinful Snog down Soho way? Go on then! The frozen yoghurt phenomenon has finally hit central London with the recent opening of a branch of Snog Pure Frozen Yoghurt on Brewer Street.  Stylish and sassy, Snog is a boutique style shop, white with hot pink accents and cute illustrations on the wall.  They even sell Snog jewellery and merchandise, so you can let everyone know you’re a Snog slut.

Snog is one of those new breeds of cutesy businesses, a bit like Innocent, and it was evidenced by the little pink van with Beep if You Like Snogging on the side outside the shop. It’s always a bit intimidating to enter a place where you don’t know the menu system, but I marched to the counter and started to peruse the selection. Snog do three basic flavours Chocolate, Green Tea and Natural and the toppings; fresh fruit, cookies, nuts, granola, brownies… brownies? I went for a Little size of Chocolate with brownie topping… oh come on it’s fat free!


The Snog-Mobile

The frozen yoghurt is sweetened with Agave nectar (?) and boasts itself to have no fat, no artificial sweetners, low in calories and probiotic. Forget about that, you want to know what it tastes like, right? Like your first kiss at the local disco, Snog ticks all the right boxes, but might leave you feeling a little unsatisfied. On a blind taste test I would probably identify it as chocolate, but there is a strong kick of that lightly sour natural yoghurt taste. No way would you confuse this stuff with real ice cream. The mini brownies were fab though, moist and nutty.

Snog’s prices might give you second thoughts in these recessionary times. Sizes go from Little to Massive with cheapest being £3.55 for a Little with 1 topping and priciest: Massive with 4 toppings £9.90. Doubt even I could manage almost ten pounds worth of ice cream but I’ll definitely be back to try the other two flavours.

Snog Soho
9 Brewer Street
London W1F ORG


1 Response to “Have you been Snogged?”

  1. April 2, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    Yum! I love delicious treats. Thanks for the post.

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