Homemade Cupcakes

Because I just wasn’t getting enough sugar this Easter weekend, what with the copious amounts of Ben and Jerry’s and chocolate eggs consumed, I decided to make cupcakes. Yes … make not buy! After a disastrous attempt making chocolate cupcakes off an online recipe, I followed the basic cupcake recipe from the Good Mood Food Blog. Mine are not as creative as those pictures! The cakes came out perfectly light and airy, but the icing was just a little off. Too buttery perhaps, just not like the ones you get from delicious bakeries. I felt a bit ill after two buttery, sugary creations.

Sigh! Plus I got icing like everywhere. Icing bags are truly a nightmare and you seem to need twice the amount the recipe suggests, since it goes everywhere.

But aside from those issues, it was a relative success and I will attempt again with less buttery butter.


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