Joey doesn’t share food!


So it’s not good manners to share food eh. Oh dear, I knew I’d never be invited to Buckingham Palace, but I didn’t think that leaning over and forking up some of the Duke’s mash would be my downfall.  People ‘clearly just not feeling comfortable with such intimacy’.  Is this a British thing? Maybe it’s the people I hang out with having absolutely no fear of ‘germs’ or good manners, but eating off each other’s plates seems to be de rigueur. Of course they’ll preface it by saying ‘ah we’re all friends here’.

But I’ve friends of ten years that I would never dream to eat off their plate. Actually I would dream of it and have sat there, dying to reach over and grab something particularly tasty. But I don’t, why? Probably because I fear that they were better brought up than me and would be horrified by my appalling crassness.

Growing up with my sister gave me a little insight into how these people feel. She would wilfully grab a chip from your dinner plate and then swipe it through your ketchup… the feeling of violation still gives me the creeps. If you’re stealing chips, dip them in your own ketchup, don’t plate rape me.

Clearly in my house there were no rules about elbows on the table or drinking water and eating at the same time. I have heard stories from upper class friends of having their dinner whipped away for the slightest transgression. Nowadays that Jamie Oliver ideal of sharing food and eating family style is trying to eradicate these ‘good’ manners and I love it. Enjoying eating out is all about trying what everyone else is having, if you’re stuck to just eating your own dinner,  how can you ever educate your palate?

Now, are you going to finish that?


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