People that should be banned from restaurants

Earlier this evening, I ate dinner at Bi Won, a little Korean restaurant near the British Museum. Whenever I go to to a Korean BBQ place, I notice how disconcertingly quiet the staff and the atmosphere is. Bi Won is no different and eating there was like at a library till a table of the loudly obnoxious people came in. Wow. Asshats. A screamingly loud Austrian was insulting all his friends and booming about this small restaurant. Noticing me at the next table, tap, tapping away, he loudly asks ‘does anyone have an iPhone charger, mine is dead’.  Yes, I carry mine around with me, waiting to power up total strangers’ mobiles.

He was rivalled only by his utterly pretentious friend who kept asking the only Korean girl in the group about what to order. Then asking louder and slower, going ‘spicy, no, hello?’ like she was deaf. Christ, they were awful. A group of friends presumably, but none of them seemed to particularly like each other or appear to be having a good time. Fortunately I got to leave, unlike them.

Have you ever used Korean chopsticks? Two super thin and slippery metal sticks. Nightmare. Why on earth were they invented? Seems like a joke on Westeners who struggled to learn to use the fat regular ones.


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