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Comfort Eating


Afternoon Tea.


Eh a burger? Can’t remember what it was called, as I didn’t eat it.

This Easter weekend has truly been a pisser, not only could we not afford to go home to the bosom of our families, but we thought we had found a really gorgeous apartment to live in and it fell apart. Since we assumed that this place would work out, we didn’t look at any other places and now face the prospect of imminent homelessness. Sh*t! As you can tell I am very annoyed and frustrated and even the mass quantities of chocolate eggs I’ve eaten, have done little to calm me.

The two pictures above are of a lovely lunch we had in the John Lewis brasserie on Saturday, when we still had hope of a beautiful apartment to think of. The brasserie decor isn’t much to write home about, but our waiter could not have been more pleasant and helpful. The afternoon tea was exquisite, fantastic little cheese and onion, and prawn and salmon sandwiches, incredible mini scones and the tastiest cream I have ever had. The verdict: Needless to say I will be back at John Lewis for more of those scones, the tea pot was a bit small though. The cost: about £24 and surprisingly they didn’t include service charge. After paying for some really crappy service recently, it was a pleasure to be able to add it ourselves for so lovely a waiter.


This is a shot of the view from our table, really funky fittings and all those escalators made for excellent people watching.


Tourist Time

Today was tourist time, so we hit up the Borough Market, the Shipps Tea Room, London Bridge and then took a ride on the London Eye.


In my ever continuing pursuit of the perfect afternoon tea, we went to the cutest tea room and had the most delicious scones with clotted cream and jam, smoked salmon sandwiches and cupcakes. They had tea cups hanging from the ceiling, doilies, jam and tiny spoons; the only problem was they didn’t serve it on cake stands – you gotta have the cake stands!



Just a few of my favourite things

Well, a favourite thing. Afternoon Tea at the Westbury, Dublin.