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breakfast of champions

I’ve mentioned before how much I love breakfast, though not necessarily at breakfast time, more noonish! We recently discovered an incredible breakfast place, recommended by our flatmate, called Joes Kitchen (no apostrophe). We went there on the tip that they did Toast Soldiers, for anyone who doesn’t know what a toast soldier is – you are friggin dead inside and had no childhood! Toast soldiers are an amazing feat of food engineering and will forever be the nostalgic food of the gods for me. We had initially thought Joes would be a caf (re: caf= cafe = skeezy place where builders and workers eat greasy fry ups and drink mugs of paint stripping tea on plastic chairs and Formica tables) because most of the breakfast places around Borough High Street are cafs. But, I thought, anything for a toast soldier!

However, Joes isn’t a caf, it’s a really trendy type wooden tables and chairs, Saturday brunch with your mates kind of place. Serves Mimosas and Coronas, alongside your breakfast. Very young, Jamie Oliver esque.

Joes Cafe Breakfast + beans. What’s an English breakfast without beans I ask you? The thing about Joes is that unlike a caf, it is all high quality delicious breads and meats, not greasy and cheapish. Also they have the God of all breakfast foods for me, American pancakes with Maple Syrup. Drool-tastic!

The infamous Toast Soldiers, made with batch loaf bread, thick and buttery. It was undoubtedly a cardiac inducing meal, but we didn’t care.

Verdict: the food was amazing, the toast soldiers sublime! The staff were a tad disgruntled and appeared none too pleased to be working as waitresses, but hey that pretty much sums up all the trendy, young, dreadlocked wearing staff of these types of places. I want to say to them, folks..we all had dreams that have been cruelly crushed by the real world… but get over it! The cost: only about £21 which included mango and strawberry smoothies. Tip was extra, not that they bloody deserved it mind you..

We will definitely be going back, possibly today.