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It’s Chocolate Week – no seriously!


Hello my name is Eater’s Regret and I’m a chocoholic! A lot of people frivolously claim to be chocoholics, but unless you’ve truly felt that sinful need for the dark stuff, at least twice day, then you’re no addict. Easter used to be my favourite holiday, a whole day dedicated, with some religious stuff as well of course, to eating chocolate! But move over Easter, sorry Jesus, cos it’s Chocolate Week. Oh yeah!


It don’t matter if it’s black, white, or milk – this whole week, we are celebrating the wondrous invention that is chocolate! I’ll be making some form of chocolaty baking perfection and hopefully attending one of these events in London. I’ll also be hotting up my chocolate fondue pot and holding a blind chocolate taste testing night, concept courtesy of Lidl Treats. Stay tuned for pics!


This week, chocoholics need no excuse! Get celebrating!