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How do you eat yours?

Am really loving this article as I can definitely be accused of a bit of food quirkiness. I am a dipper; mostly everything I eat must be dipped in something. I have to have some kind of mayo, ketchup, sauce or condiment on the side of the plate. I cannot abide dry food and at the same time hate overly wet food. I also never use a knife to eat and always use my fork to cut food. A totally primitive habit, I know! C always saves his favourite bits till last and on a few occasions I have inadvertently plucked the last morsel off his place, to see his face fall. I ask, mouth full ‘oh were you saving this?’


A Week in Food

New Year’s Resolutions: eh none

I didn’t even bother making any food or diet related resolutions this year, because let’s face it – why bother. I never keep any of these things but sometimes… sometimes I at least try. The week in food so far has been shameful in regard to trying to save money and eat less. So far this week we had a very mediocre lunch in Dublin with a heavily over Parmesaned Caesar salad. A quick Thai dinner (Camden) on Wednesday surprised us with beautifully moist Jasmine rice; reason enough to go back for a second visit. Last night was dinner at Bento Cafe, the best sushi I have ever had – I actually smile after eating it. Then tonight, bad Chinese food and a chocolate Lindt reindeer.

The verdict: it really is just as well I hadn’t made any resolutions – because now at least I am free from the guilt.

**Updated. Oops today was a very naughty food day – major regrets. Italian lunch in Carlucci’s near Covent Garden with an insalata di mozzarella – which very annoyingly had far too much rock salt on it – I am firmly against adding salt to salad, if it is not in the dressing. We also ate some fairly tasty calamari and a rather disappointing bitter chocolate gelato. We topped off the bad eating with chocolate at the theatre watching Cabaret and a late dinner of Pizza Hut……bad bad bad

Perhaps next week will be better?



The future of food?

This is just too weird. Everyone wishes that the junk food they eat could miraculously be healthy for you, but I doubt anyone wants to eat a science experiment.