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Go on the Scots!

There’s just something about Scottish bands.. it’s not just the accent, although I could listen to this guy sing in my ear all day. A nation of pies and fighters, football nationalism and passion, the Scots are tough, they’ll have you and yer ma too.

Like the nation itself, they seem a no-nonsense, down to earth sort. You can more easily imagine them getting into a scrap after the gig than shoving coke up their nose and running about with no knickers on.

Wake the President are a very different kettle of fish from Glasvegas, who you feel have been dragged up from childhood by the scruff of their necks and are still fairly damaged by it.

Wake the President’s music is more subtle, indie elegant tones than the ear bleeding, heart ripping out of your chest alt. rock of Glasvegas.

With songs like ‘Remember Fun’ and ‘You can’t change that boy’, Wake the President are upbeat and indulgent, their focus on sex, masturbation and the after effects of a good time.

For a little background on Wake the President, this is very good.

Glasvegas ‘Daddy’s Gone’

Wake the President ‘Just give me two secs’