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Korean barbecue

Last Friday night we headed for Arirang on Poland Street, which advertises itself as a Korean Barbecue. We hadn’t really gone in for the barbecue, but the waitress said we would have to sit downstairs otherwise as the barbecues are built into the table top. In the effort to be adventurous, we went for a seafood barbecue concoction.

Firstly they delivered some pickled veg, which C refused to eat as it was cold, he hates cucumbers and anything spicy. Out of a sense of politeness I forced down some pickled cucumber, chilli lettuce and slimy beansprouts, but I’m not going to lie to you, it was gross!

After the waitress lit the gas barbecue, she brought the plate of raw seafood, rice must be ordered separately, but you do get some miso soup. The barbecue experience was a bit strange, as the waitress stood silently at the table, grilling and putting the pieces of prawn, squid and mussels into our bowls. It was a bit weird to have someone wait on you so quietly.

As we are noted gluttons, we also ordered sushi…which was actually needed, as the barbecue was far from filling.

The barbecue was really delicious. I love seafood and this was really well cooked, the only downside is unlike a full meal, you are only getting little bits at a time. Also eating in front of the omni present waitress was a little bit uncomfortable.

The best part of the meal had to be the two drunken, city types sitting next to us. Totally intoxicated, they ordered a lot of random stuff, telling the staff to just bring enough for two. This was clearly a dubious decision, as when it arrived it looked like more of the pickled veg variety.  I nearly choked on my food, when the drunker one said to the other ‘look at you tucking into this shit already’. We had to take a picture of them as they were so entertaining. So drunk, they were just shovelling the food in.

The verdict on Arirang was that it was a great experience, but I don’t think I’d go back. The staff were lovely and they even give you orange slices and melon at the end of the meal, but it was too gimmicky for me.