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A Week in Food

New Year’s Resolutions: eh none

I didn’t even bother making any food or diet related resolutions this year, because let’s face it – why bother. I never keep any of these things but sometimes… sometimes I at least try. The week in food so far has been shameful in regard to trying to save money and eat less. So far this week we had a very mediocre lunch in Dublin with a heavily over Parmesaned Caesar salad. A quick Thai dinner (Camden) on Wednesday surprised us with beautifully moist Jasmine rice; reason enough to go back for a second visit. Last night was dinner at Bento Cafe, the best sushi I have ever had – I actually smile after eating it. Then tonight, bad Chinese food and a chocolate Lindt reindeer.

The verdict: it really is just as well I hadn’t made any resolutions – because now at least I am free from the guilt.

**Updated. Oops today was a very naughty food day – major regrets. Italian lunch in Carlucci’s near Covent Garden with an insalata di mozzarella – which very annoyingly had far too much rock salt on it – I am firmly against adding salt to salad, if it is not in the dressing. We also ate some fairly tasty calamari and a rather disappointing bitter chocolate gelato. We topped off the bad eating with chocolate at the theatre watching Cabaret and a late dinner of Pizza Hut……bad bad bad

Perhaps next week will be better?