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Not a lotta cupcakes

I love cupcakes, yes I do! Cupcakes, whilst plentiful and abundant in the states, are really just coming into their own here in the UK. Since moving here we have come across a few select bakeries which stock the deliciously buttercreamed delights. Otherwise you might spot a few stragglers in supermarkets, but nothing as fabulous as some of the cake blogs out there. In Ireland there isn’t a hope of catching a cupcake, they are still called fairycakes and you might get one at a child’s birthday party smushed with a bit of cream or jam – or even the dreaded sugary water icing -bleagh!!


One place in Camden that I know which stocks cupcakes is Fresh and Wild, the organic-style supermarket. So to satisfy a craving, we picked up some vanilla with chocolate and lemon cupcakes, made with polenta. Very tasty but could be a damn sight prettier!!!



I’m actually considering baking my own cupcakes and buttercreaming them myself, inspired by these beautiful creations. Though I am a bit apprehensive, while I love to cook, I haven’t baked since I was in school – cupcakes are easy right??