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Decisions, decisions


Group dinners out are one of the best ways to dine and a fantastic reason to try new places. The wine flows, the chat is hilarious and the food always tastes better with friends. The only problem is, despite figuring out how to split the bill, is deciding where to go. With friends scattered all over the place, group emails with endless links just don’t cut the mustard. is a cool social decision making site that you can share with friends. When you’re browsing different restaurants, you can accumulate all the info on one page by ‘skimming’ the link, picture and any info you want.

Your friends can login and leave comments on each place, ‘not Chinese again!’ or just give a thumbs up. I used it for my recent trip to San Fran and deciding with my friend on what music festival we should go to. Not just for restaurants, but buying a new dress online, shopping for a group holiday. Just sign up, it’s all free, download the app to your browser and start searching. Trust me it’ll put a blissful end to copying and pasting links into emails and the endless ‘reply all’ dialogue that follows.

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