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A happy meal?

People say food doesn’t cure what ails you, but you know what…they are so wrong. Sometimes food is the answer and today it definitely was. After a gruelling session at the dentist, I was feeling disturbingly low and also hungry. After contemplating sushi takeout, sandwiches etc, I spotted the food Mecca of the civilised world… Mc Donald’s. First, can I preface that I never go to Mc Donald’s, sometimes on a long drive to Sligo we would stop off there at the halfway point, but normally never! So I went in (on my own, another rarity) and ordered a Happy Meal, as ordering an adult meal is very un-me! And you know what, I DID feel happy after it, more relaxed and less low. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the food, jovial atmosphere or perhaps just plain trans fats… Whatever, it truly was a happy meal!