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Is that all you got, TFL?

Transport for London has a vendetta against me. Wait, wait, hear me out. This email arrived in my inbox this morning, like an evil little snicker from the folks at the TFL office.

Dear Miss Mc Glennon,

I am writing to let you know that from Saturday 3 July until 4 December 2010 westbound Circle and Hammersmith & City line trains will not stop at Latimer Road. This is due to the platform being extended as part of the line upgrade work.

Ha ha ha. Nice work. Less than a month after I move in, they close my tube station. But you know what, TFL, you got nothing! When I moved to Borough, the tube station was closed for a year. At Caledonian Road, they shut the overground (my main route to work) for three months. If you want a war, you got one.